Building a sustainable future with Masonry

Unlock a world where design, efficiency, and sustainability meet/merge, stand the test of time, withstand elements, elevate design, and tell tales of craftsmanship and precision. Be a part of a legacy built brick by brick, stone by stone.

Sustainable, naturally sourced, cost effective

Masonry materials are sourced naturally without depleting limited resources. With their high thermal mass, masonry materials can effectively store and release heat. This helps maintain a consistent interior temperature in both hot and cold climates, reducing heating and cooling costs, being energy efficient and complying with green building codes.

Fire-resistant and non-combustible

Brick and stone are non-combustible materials that can prevent the spread of fire. Concrete masonry units (CMU) and other masonry materials are often used in fire-resistant barriers to enhance safety as well.

Durable and long lasting

Masonry is resistant to pests, rot, and certain weather conditions, contributing to its long lifespan and reduced need for frequent repairs or replacements. The industry launches new materials and technologies every year, ensuring masonry remains the best solution for long lasting and cost-effective building projects.


A vital component of California infrastructure

In California, masonry plays a vital role in construction and infrastructure development. Masonry buildings, reinforced with steel, can withstand earthquakes and other seismic activity.

New materials and technologies are being incorporated into the industry every year making masonry the best solution for long lasting and cost-effective sustainable buildings.

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